Love Matching by Name

Here is the love calculator by which one can easily calculate love percentage.

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Did you feel so close or comfortable with anyone? Do you want to find how you both love each other with the help of technology ?. Yes, you can find it with the help of our Love Meter.  This Love calculator will match your names and the love percentage with the help of a super good algorithm.

Love Tester

This Love tester is used to perfectly test the love compatibility between you and your partner. This online love detector completely measures the love with the help of name and shows real love test in the percentage. If the result is 100% then you are the super good couples.

One can perform love test here with their crush, wife or with any relationship. Just enter your name and your partner name and click on the calculate button to get the love match in percentage. Don’t worry if you get a low percentage. Just because true love never ends.

Love compatibility test

Most of the youngsters fall in love each and every second and most of the time their thought process may insist them to perform love compatibility test to check whether their partner will be compatible with them are not. To test the love compatibility here we have a love calculator or even we can say it as love meter. It will show a complete love test result.

Love meter
Love calculator by name

Marriage matching by name

With the help of this love calculator or love meter, one can find the marriage match by name. In South Indian tradition, marriage will be fixed after finding the match between the boy and girl. So this love mater or love calculator can be used for that purpose also to find a good life partner. It is called as love marriage porutham or love thirumana porutham in Tamil.

Love porutham by name

When we speak about love, it’s purely based on heart. But when performing any love test we won’t consider heart. we consider only names to find love percentage. Just because the name is not just a name. The name is everything for a person and it represents a person. So with the help of two names here we are calculating love percentage. We can call this matching as love porutham or love name porutham or love peyar porutham or love jodi porutham in Tamil language.
Love percentage
Some may think that this love calculator or love meter displaying the love percentage randomly. But that is not true. If you try to find the love percentage between lion and cow the result will 86%. Just because the lion loves the cow.

Love percentage calculator
Love calculator by name

Name matching
In school days people used to play flames game to find the Name matching. But now the technology improved a lot and everybody is having a mobile in their hand. So instead of going with a time-consuming process to find the love name matching we can go with easy option and get the perfect love match percentage in just a second.

Kadhal peyar porutham
Love is a kind of feel which provides some pleasure to our heart and mind. In Tamil love is called as Kadhal. Love(kadhal) feel will make us fly in the air virtually. There are many kinds of love(kadhal).  The love(kadhal) between a young boy and girl differs from the love between father and girl. The word “Love(kadhal)” may be the same but the feel is different. That is the magic of love and here we have lover meter to calculate that magic by name.

Love calculator
Love calculator by name

In this world, nobody will know at what stage the love feeling will come and how they will react once they fall in love. Love doesn’t know the statues. A rich boy may love a poor girl or a servant boy may love a landlord girl. Love doesn’t see the caste or religion. This is the worldwide formula for love. That’s why we are saying that love is blind.