Tamil muhurtham dates 2018

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Tamil Muhurtham Dates January 2018

Muhurtham DatesDayType
19 January 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
22 January 2018MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
28 January 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
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Tamil Muhurtham Dates February 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
04 February 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
05 February 2018MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
07 February 2018WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
11 February 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
19 February 2018MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
26 February 2018MondayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates March 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
04 March 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
05 March 2018MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
08 March 2018ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
15 March 2018ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
19 March 2018MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
26 March 2018MondayValarpirai Muhurtham
30 March 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates April 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
20 April 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
22 April 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
25 April 2018WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
27 April 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates May 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
02 May 2018WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
04 May 2018FridayTheipirai Muhurtham
06 May 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
07 May 2018MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
13 May 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
20 May 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
25 May 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
27 May 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates June 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
03 June 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
04 June 2018
MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
17 June 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates July 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
01 July 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
02 July 2018MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
05 July 2018ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
11 July 2018WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates August 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
23 August 2018ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
29 August 2018WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham
30 August 2018ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates September 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
06 September 2018ThursdayTheipirai Muhurtham
12 September 2018WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates October 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
19 October 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
28 October 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
31 October 2018WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham

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Tamil Muhurtham Dates November 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
04 November 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
05 November 2018MondayTheipirai Muhurtham
09 November 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham
11 November 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
14 November 2018WednesdayValarpirai Muhurtham
25 November 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
28 November 2018WednesdayTheipirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates December 2018

Muhurtha NaalDayType
02 December 2018SundayTheipirai Muhurtham
12 December 2018SundayValarpirai Muhurtham
13 December 2018ThursdayValarpirai Muhurtham
14 December 2018FridayValarpirai Muhurtham

Tamil Muhurtham Dates 2019
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Tamil Muhurtham dates 2018

Marriage is a beautiful feal and it puts an invisible knot between two hearts. As per Tamil culture, marriage date or Muhurtham date is very import. Tamil Muhurtham dates will be basically fixed by referring Panchangam. After that people went to astrologer and astrologer will refer the horoscope and of a couple and he will confirm the date. This is the basic procedure of fixing Tamil Muhurtham dates. Here we have given the Muhurtham dates for 2018. It is also called as Muhurtha Naal 2018. In Hindu religion, almost all the religious ceremonies are based on the quality of Muhurta. Most of the good ceremonies will be done on Valarpirai Muhurta.

Tamil Muhurtham dates 2018
Tamil Muhurtham dates 2018

Tamil Wedding dates 2018

As we said earlier wedding dates will be fixed by consulting an astrologer. Some people in Tamil will get search for Valarpirai Muhurtham. Valarpirai Muhurtham is nothing but the wedding dates will fall on or after new moon day and on or before full moon day. As per Tamil people’s belief, Valarpirai Muhurtham will create a happy marriage life between the couple. Here we have specified that Tamil Wedding dates 2018 clearly and there are totally 24 Valarpirai Muhurtham dates in 2018.

Tamil Muhurtham dates 2018
Tamil Muhurtham dates 2018

Suba Muhurtham 2018

Suba Muhurtham is nothing but the best day for marriage. Totally there are 54 Suba Muhurtham dates in 2018 and in that 30 were Theipirai Muhurtham dates. Basically, Theipirai Muhurtham dates are not considered as 100% perfect Muhurtham date. So Valarpirai Muhurtham dates only mostly considered as best Suba Muhurtham dates and here we have given Suba Muhurtham dates for 2018 and it is also called as Tamil Marriage dates 2018.