Pampers premium pants indicator, back strip and other features

Pampers premium back strip
Pampers premium back strip

Pampers premium pants are now preferred by most of the parents for their babies. These Pampers premium pants have some super features like wetness indictor, strip on the backside to dispose of and few other features. Now we will go through those features.

Pampers premium pant

Wetness Indicator in Pampers premium pants::
Wetness Indicator is a very good feature in Pampers premium pants. Whenever the pampers is full then there will be a change in the colour of the wetness indicator. The yellow line will turn to blue. So you can know easily about the pampers condition with the help of this indicator.

Disposal Tape in Pampers premium pants:
When the pampers is full then you just need to remove it by simply tearing the sides and roll it. After that use, the back strip(disposable tape) to make it tight. Then you can dispose of easily.

Pampers premium back strip

Stretchy waistband in Pampers premium pants::
It is really easy to change the pampers at any time with one pull. The band is smooth and stretchy so it will easy for you and your baby to change it.

Pampers premium pants

Apart from this, there is baby lotion in pampers which prevents baby skin from irritation. There is an air channel for easy flow and some more features in Pampers premium pants.