Sabarimala temple opening dates 2019 – 2020

Sabarimala temple opening dates
Sabarimala temple opening dates

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple opening dates 2019 to 2020. Sabarimala temple timing, Abishegam timings are given below.

Sabarimala temple opening dates 2019-2020

MonthPooja DetailsSabarimala Temple Opening dateSabarimala Temple Closing date
January 2019Makara Vilakku14 January 2019
February 2019Monthly Pooja (Kumbham)12 February 201917 February 2019
March 2019Monthly Pooja (Meenam)14 March 201916 March 2019
Utsavam11 March 201921 March 2019
Kodiyettam12 March 2019
April 2019Vishu Mahotsavam (Medam)10 April 201919 April 2019
Vishu Darsanam15 April 2019
May 2019Monthly Pooja (Edavam)14 May 201919 May 2019
June 2019Monthly Pooja (Midhunam)15 June 201920 June 2019
Idol Installation Day11 June 201912 June 2019
JulyMonthly Pooja (Karkitakam)16 July 201921 July 2019
AugustMonthly Pooja (Chingam)16 August 201921 August 2019
SeptemberMonthly Pooja (Kanni)16 September 201921 September 2019
Onam Poojai9 September 201913 September 2019
Onam11 September 2019
OctoberMonthly Pooja (Thulam)17 October 201922 October 2019
Sree Chithira Thirunal Aatta Vishesham26 October 201927 October 2019
NovemberMandala Pooja Mahotsavam16 November 201927 December 2019
DecemberMandala Pooja30 December 2019
January 2020Makara Vilakku15 January 2020

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple is located in Kerala. It is one of the most famous temples in India. The temple is on the top of the hill named Sabarimala. Approximately there are 40 to 50 million devotees are coming to Sabarimala to worship Lord Ayyappa. There will be a huge rush in the temple during November to January month of each year. Sabarimala Ayyapa temple is also known as Sasta and Dharmasasta temple.

Manikanda Swamy
There were many children going to Sabarimala each year. Children are called as Manikanda Swamy since Manikandan was an avatar of Lord Ayyappa. He was a prince of the Pandalam dynasty in the 12th century. Once the purpose of Manikandan avatar was over, Manikandan came to Sabarimala temple, he meditated and became one with the divine.

Sabarimala temple Opening date 2019
Sabarimala temple opening

There is a rule that only children, men and old age women should go to Sabarimala temple and worship Lord Ayyappa. Girls below the age of 10 can go to Sabarimala. There is some discussion going on in the court about this rule. Ayyappa devotees are expected to follow 1 mandala(41 days) Vratham before visiting the temple. There are certain rules that need to be followed to complete this Vratham. On each year after completion of worship by all the devotees, there will be a procedure followed to check how many people completed the Vratham properly. The procedure is named as Prasnam. Even though millions of people visiting the temple, usually Prasannam shows that less than 20 people completed their Vratham properly.

Sabarimala temple Opening date 2019
Sabarimala temple opening date

Ayyappa devotees go to the temple with Irumudi which will have coconut with ghee. There will be Nei Abishegam performed in Temple. It is nothing but pouring ghee on Lord Ayyappa Idole.

Sabarimala temple Neyyabishegam Timings:

Morning 3:30 AM to 7:00 AM
Morning 8:30 AM to 11:00 AM

Irumudi to Sabarimala Temple
There will be a different Irumudi colour for devotees based on the years they went to Sabarimala temple. Kanni Sami(first journey to Ayyappa temple) with red coloured Irumudi, Navy blue coloured Irumudi for others till the third year. Others use saffron coloured Irumudi. Aravana payasam and Appam are the Prasadam in Sabarimala temple.

Sabarimala temple Opening
Sabarimala temple Opening dates 2019

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple Address:
Sabarimala Ayyappa temple,
Perunad grama panchayat
Pathanamthitta District
India – 689662

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple Timings
Sabarimala Temple’s usual Opening Timing is 3:00 am and closing Time is 1:00 pm. During Pilgrim season, Temple opens at 3:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm

Sabarimala temple Opening date 2019
Sabarimla temple opening date 2019

Sabarimala is one of the temples in India were huge devotes gather together to worship Lord Ayyappa. We all know that from this year women are allowed to enter into Sabarimala as per law. Usually, from November to January month devotees will come to Sabarimala a lot. So the government had decided to operate 150 special buses from Pampa to Nilakkal. Apart from this, medical facilities, water facilities and many more things are arranged properly there.

Sabarimala temple Opening date 2019
Sabarimala temple opening date

Usually, the Sabarimala temple will be opened at 3 AM. From that time there will be a continuous Ghee abishegam for Lord Ayyappa up to 11.30 AM. After that Utcha pooja will happen just before 1 PM. After that temple will be closed. At 4 PM temple will be opened again. At 7 PM there will be a Pushpa Abishegam. Before 10 PM there will be Athazha pooja after that temple will be closed. During that time Harivasanam song will be played. Devotees from Tamilnadu who decided to go to Sabarimala can reach Pamba in 4 different easy ways.

Sabarimala temple route 1
Sabarimala temple route

Route No 1:
Madurai –Kumily – Vandiperiyar – Erumeli. Totally it covers 206 KM. It will take approximately 5 hrs to reach Erumeli from Madurai. The travel from Vandiperiyar to Erumeli will give beautify experience. It is a forest journey. It will take approximately 1.30 hrs.

Sabarimala temple route 2
Sabarimala temple route

Route No 2:
Shenkottai – Punaloor – Pathanamthitta. This route covers totally of 87 KM and it will take approximately 2.30 hrs to reach Pathanamthitta from Shenkottai. Thenmalai in this route will be beautiful sceneries.

Sabarimala temple route 3
Sabarimala temple route

Route no 3:
Nagercoil – Thiruvananthapuram – Pathanamthitta. This route covers totally of 173 Km. Nagercoil to Thiruvananthapuram has 81 Km. There are some tourist places like Poovar, Kovalam on this route. Pathanamthitta has located just 102 Km from Thiruvananthapuram.

Sabarimala temple route 4
Sabarimala temple route

Route No 4:
Coimbatore – Thrissur – Angamaly – Kottayam – Pampa. This route covers totally of 271 Km. Thrissur has located 114 Km from Coimbatore. One can reach Kottayam from Thrissur via Angamaly in 3 to 3 and half hrs. From there need to travel to Pampa.

Devotees from Tamilnadu can choose any of these four routes to reach Sabarimala and worship Lord Ayyappa.

Sabarimala Ayyappa temple by Air
There are two nearest airport one is Cochin International Airport and the other is Trivandrum airport. The Cochin Airport is 160 km from the temple and Trivandrum airport is at 175kms from the temple.

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