Gold rate in Tirupati today

Today Gold rate

Tirupati is the place where thousands and thousands of people daily go to worship Lord Venkateshwara. Here we are going to see the gold rate in Tirupati on daily basis. Generally in India Gold price varies on each day. So gold price in Tirupati also varies daily. Sometimes gold rate varies on each shop. So Current gold price in Tirupati varies according to shop. Now we will see today Gold rate in Tirupati.

Today Gold rate

Today Gold rate in Tirupati

Date24k 1 gram gold rate24k 8 gram gold rate22k 1 gram gold rate22k 8 gram gold rate
19-01-2019₹ 3,310₹ 26,480₹ 3,093₹ 24,744
18-01-2019₹ 3,329₹ 26,632₹ 3,111₹ 24,888
17-01-2019₹ 3,319₹ 26,552
₹ 3,102₹ 24,816
16-01-2019₹ 3,310₹ 26,480₹ 3,093₹ 24,744
15-01-2019₹ 3,304₹ 26,432₹ 3,088₹ 24,704
14-01-2019₹ 3,291₹ 26,328₹ 3,076₹ 24,608
13-01-2019₹ 3,284₹ 26,272₹ 3,069₹ 24,552
12-01-2019₹ 3,227₹ 25,816₹ 3,079₹ 24,632
11-01-2019₹ 3,291₹ 26,328₹ 3,076₹ 24,608
10-01-2019₹ 3,265₹ 26,120₹ 3,051₹ 24,408
09-01-2019₹ 3,050₹ 24,400₹ 3,037₹ 24,296
08-01-2019₹ 3,257₹ 26,056₹ 3,044₹ 24,352
07-01-2019₹ 3,232₹ 25,856₹ 3,021₹ 24,168
06-01-2019₹ 3,267₹ 26,136₹ 3,053₹ 24,424
05-01-2019₹ 3,267₹ 26,136₹ 3,053₹ 24,424
04-01-2019₹ 3,267₹ 26,136₹ 3,053₹ 24,424
03-01-2019₹ 3,232₹ 25,856₹ 3,021₹ 24,168
02-01-2019₹ 3,232₹ 25,856₹ 3,021₹ 24,168
01-01-2019₹ 3,232₹ 25,856₹ 3,021₹ 24,168
31-12-2018₹ 3,225₹ 25,800₹ 3,014₹ 24,112
30-12-2018₹ 3,234₹ 25,872₹ 3,022₹ 24,176
29-12-2018₹ 3,234₹ 25,872₹ 3,022₹ 24,176

Above we have clearly mentioned about the 22 / 24 carat gold rate in Tirupati and also we mentioned gold rate per gram today and 8 gram gold price in Tirupati. If you check the above chart 24k gold (99.9%) price will be a little bit high when compared to 22k gold (99.9%) price. This is because 24k gold will be more durable than 22k gold and it has some mixture of copper or silver to make to strong. So 22 carat gold rate will be always less in any country or state. We have today Malabar gold, and 916 KDM gold rate in Tirupati clearly. So just check the rate and get you gold today in Tirupati.

Today Gold rate

22 carat gold rate in Tirupati Vs 24 carat gold rate :

Many people will have this doubt. Why 22 carat gold price is less when compare to 24 carat gold. This is because 24 carat gold is completely pure gold. While 22 carat gold is not that much pure. The purity of 24 carat gold is 99.99 % but the purity of 22 carat gold is around 91%. The only problem in 22 carat gold is we can’t design it as we like. We need to mix a few things to make it less pure to make jewels.

Today Gold rate

Indian women always like Gold to wear, So India is one of the largest consumers of gold. In that Tirupati plays some vital role. There can be two reasons for it. One is, people, to donate gold for Tirupati temple and the other is people purchase gold for themselves. In South India gold is considered a very big asset. So people used to buy Gold regularly. Gold is also considered as a good investment, Since it’s rate is growing regularly.

Historical Gold rate in Tirupati :


Gold Price Trend in December 2018 in Tirupati:
The Gold rate started with Rs.3,103 per gram on 1st of December. But due to various changes in the market level, there is a lot of fluctuation in the rate. Finally, on the 31st of December, the Gold rate was ₹ 3,226 per gram. When compare to 1st of Demeber, the rate was decreased to Rs.89. On December month, highest price was Rs.3,251 per gram and the lowest price was Rs.3,101 per gram. The overall monthly performance was decreased to -4.03 % in December 2018.

1st of DecemberRs.3,103 per gramRs.24,824 (8 gram)
31st of DecemberRs.3,226 per gramRs.25,808 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,251 per gramRs.26,008 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,101 per gramRs.24,808 (8 gram)
Overall Change-4.02%-4.02%

November 2018 Gold price in Tirupati:
November month Gold rate starts with Rs.3,242 per gram. There is some slight variation in Gold rate this month. At the end of November, the rate was Rs 3,101 per gram. It is decreased Rs.141 when compared to day 1 of November. But when we see the overall price of November month it was increased to 4.35%. The highest price in November was Rs.3,250 per gram and the lowest price was Rs 3,101 per gram.

1st of NovemberRs.3,242 per gramRs.25,936 (8 gram)
30th of NovemberRs.3,101 per gramRs.24,808 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,250 per gramRs.26,000 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,101 per gramRs.24,808 (8 gram)
Overall Change4.36%4.36%

Gold rate in Tirupati for October 2018:
At the day 1 of October month, Gold rate started with Rs.3,117 per gram. At the end of October month, the price was Rs.3,238 per gram. If we see the difference between the starting and end of this month, it was 121 increased. But when we take the overall change on October month, it was decreased to 3.88%. The highest gold price in October month was Rs.3,264 per gram and the lowest rate is Rs.3,117 per gram.

1st of OctoberRs.3,117 per gramRs.24,936 (8 gram)
31st of OctoberRs.3,238 per gramRs.25,904 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,264 per gramRs.26,112 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,117 per gramRs.24,936 (8 gram)
Overall Change-3.87%-3.87%

September 2018 Gold rate in Tirupati:
At the starting of September month, the Gold rate was Rs.3,038 per gram. It was increased to Rs.2 when compared to the August month end. At the end of September month, the gold price was Rs.3,078 per gram. It was increased to Rs.40 when compared to the starting of this month. Overall, there is 1.49% change in gold rate.

1st of SeptemberRs.3,038 per gramRs.24,304 (8 gram)
30th of SeptemberRs.3,078 per gramRs.24,624 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,091 per gramRs.24,728 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,019 per gramRs.24,152 (8 gram)
Overall Change1.49%1.49%

Gold rate in Tirupati for August 2018:

1st of AugustRs.2,983 per gramRs.23,864 (8 gram)
31st of AugustRs.3,036 per gramRs.24,288 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,036 per gramRs.24,288 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.2,940 per gramRs.23,520 (8 gram)
Overall Change1.75%1.75%

Gold rate in Tirupati for July 2018:

1st of JulyRs.3,059 per gramRs.24,472 (8 gram)
31st of JulyRs.2,986 per gramRs.23,888 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,071 per gramRs.24,568 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.2,986 per gramRs.23,888 (8 gram)
Overall Change-2.37%-2.37%

June 2018 Gold rate in Tirupati:

1st of JuneRs.3,100 per gramRs.24,800 (8 gram)
30th of JuneRs.3,054 per gramRs.24,432 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,119 per gramRs.24,952 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,054 per gramRs.24,432 (8 gram)
Overall Change-1.46%-1.46%

Gold rate in Tirupati for May 2018:

1st of MayRs.3,114 per gramRs.24,912 (8 gram)
31st of MayRs.3,122 per gramRs.24,976 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,147 per gramRs.25,176 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,103 per gramRs.24,824 (8 gram)
Overall Change-1.46%-1.46%

April 2018 Gold rate in Tirupati:
On the 1st of April, the Gold rate was Rs.3,072 per gram. On the 6th of April, it was Rs.3,064 per gram and it is the lowest rate in April month. After that Gold rate started increasing and it reaches Rs.3,153 per gram on 19 April. It is the highest rate in April month. At the end of April month, the Gold rate in Tirupati was Rs.3,123 per gram. When compare to 1st of April It was increased to Rs.51. Overall these in 1.66% increase in Gold rate in the month of April.

1st of AprilRs.3,072 per gramRs.2,4576 (8 gram)
30th of AprilRs.3,123 per gramRs.24,984 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,153 per gramRs.25,224 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,064 per gramRs.24,512 (8 gram)
Overall Change1.66%1.66%

Gold rate in Tirupati for March 2018:
In the starting of March month, Gold price was Rs.3,043 per gram. The lowest gold rate in Tirupati on march month is on 19 March. After that Gold rate increased steadily and it was Rs.3,105 per gram on March 24 and March 25. At the end of March, the Gold rate was Rs.3,072 per gram. When compared to the 1st day, It was increased to Rs.29. Overall there is a 0.95% increase in Gold rate in March.

1st of MarchRs.3,043 per gramRs.24,344 (8 gram)
31st of MarchRs.3,072 per gramRs.24,576 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,105 per gramRs.24,840 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,030 per gramRs.24,240 (8 gram)
Overall Change0.95%0.95%

February 2018 Gold rate in Tirupati:
In the month of February 2018, the Gold rate in Tirupati started with Rs.3,040 per gram. But soon it decreased to  Rs.3,003 per gram in the 8th of February. Valentine’s day, the Gold price was increased to Rs.3,103 per gram and this is the highest rate in this month. On the 28th of February, the Gold rate is Rs.3,046 per gram. Overall there is 0.19% increase in Gold trade in February month.

1st of FebruaryRs.3,040 per gramRs.24,320 (8 gram)
30th of FebruaryRs.3,046 per gramRs.24,368 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,103 per gramRs.24,824 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,003 per gramRs.24,024 (8 gram)
Overall Change0.19%0.19%

Gold rate in Tirupati for January 2018:
In the year 2018, The gold rate stared with Rs.3,009 per gram. In the 4th of January, the Gold rate was Rs.3,000. It was marked as the lowest gold rate in the month of January in Tirupati. After that gold rate was steady and there is no much change in the rate. In the 25th of January, the gold rate jumped to Rs.3,129 per gram. At the end of January month, Gold price in Tirupati was Rs.3,072 per gram. The overall gold rate was increased to 1.19% in the month of January.

1st of JanuaryRs.3,009 per gramRs.24,072 (8 gram)
31st of JanuaryRs.3,045 per gramRs.24,360 (8 gram)
Highest priceRs.3,129 per gramRs.25,032 (8 gram)
Lowest priceRs.3,000 per gramRs.24,000 (8 gram)
Overall Change1.19%1.19%

Now we see a few things about Tirupati. The name Tirupati is the mixture of both Tamil and Sanskrit words. In Tamil, Tiru means sacred and in Sanskrit pati means husband. There are 7 hills in Tirupati. It is also referred to Lord Athissheshas seven head. In such a devotional place if you like to buy gold. Then it is the right place to check the Gold rate in Tirupati.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy of gold price mentioned in this site. Always consult the registered adviser for investment purpose.