Sree kumaran thangamaligai gold rate

Today Gold rate

Sree kumaran thangamaligai gold rate is given below. Sri kumaran thanga maligai is a part of Chennai Silks. Mr. Kulandaivel Mudaliar is a founder of it. SKTM has huge collections of gold, silver, diamond, platinum, and many other precious ornaments. There are more than 25 showrooms of it all over Tamilnadu. Sree kumaran thangamaligai is certified as BIS certified jewellery in Tamil Nadu. Now will see the gold rate in Sree kumaran thangamaligai(SKTM) Chennai.

Today Gold rate

Today Gold rate in Sri kumaran thanga maligai:

Date24k 1 gram gold rate24k 8 gram gold rate22k 1 gram gold rate22k 8 gram gold rate
15-02-2019₹ 3,314₹ 26,512₹ 3,145₹ 25,232
14-02-2019₹ 3,288₹ 26,304₹ 3,041₹ 24,328
13-02-2019₹ 3,282₹ 26,256₹ 3,150₹ 25,200
12-02-2019₹ 3,295₹ 26,360₹ 3,150₹ 25,200
11-02-2019₹ 3308₹ 26464₹ 3,160₹ 25280
10-02-2019₹ 3320₹ 26560₹ 3,173₹ 25384

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Gold saving schemes in Sree kumaran thangamaligai:
There are five gold saving schemes in Sree kumaran thangamaligai and they are listed below.

  • Swarna Dharaa
  • Swarna Dharaa Twelve
  • Swarna Dharaa Plus
  • Swarna Dharaa Nidhi
  • Chutti Lathikaa

Before going through the gold saving scheme we will see the scheme instructions first.

  1. One can join in one or more than one scheme.
  2. One can pay the installment in DD/MO/ECS/PDC(Post Dated Cheque).
  3. Outstation Cheques are not acceptable.
  4. The gold rate at the completion of the installment date will be only considering during buying gold.
  5. Wastage will be decided by the authority based on the gold that member buy.
  6. Instructions will be vary based on the different gold saving schemes.
  7. If the member changes their name or address then they need to intimate to the shop and should get the corresponding documents.
  8. After completion of installment if a member buys the gold with weight greater than the saved gold then that extra gold will be sold based on the current market value.
  9. One can’t change from one scheme to another scheme.
  10. Members need to bring installment receipts, certificate and passbook while buying gold after the completion of installment.
  11. If the member’s passbook got damaged or lost then they need to get the affidavit from notary and need to bring required documents for proof.
  12. Gold coins and Silver coins won’t be given under Swarna Dharaa and Swarna Dharaa plus scheme for the saved amount.
  13. Money won’t be given back under all scheme. Member needs to buy gold.
  14. All the installments will be treated as an advance to buy the gold.
  15. There is a wastage for gold under all schemes.
  16. Sri kumaran thanga maligai authority has all rights to change the instructions at any time.

Gold rate in Saravana stores

Sree kumaran thangamaligai Swarna Dharaa scheme details:

Monthly InstalmentTotal investmentIncentiveTotal amount
₹ 500₹ 5500₹ 500₹ 6000
₹ 1000₹ 11000₹ 1000₹ 12000
₹ 2000₹ 22000₹ 2000₹ 24000
₹ 5000₹ 55000₹ 5000₹ 60000
₹ 10000₹ 110000₹ 10000₹ 120000

In this scheme, one can pay from ₹ 500 to ₹ 10,000 continuously for 11 months. After the maturity period, one can get an incentive. With a total amount, one can buy gold ornaments. Members won’t be able to get money or gold coin under this scheme.

Installment needs to be paid on or before 10th of every month before 4 P.M. If the members wished to discontinue from the scheme then the need to inform the Sree kumaran thangamaligai authority and they can buy gold based on the amount they saved. incentive amount won’t be given in this case.


If the members missed paying the installment for any of the months then the scheme period will be extended accordingly.

Today Gold rate

Swarna Dharaa twelve scheme details of Sree kumaran thangamaligai:

Under this scheme, one needs to pay ₹ 1000 / ₹ 2000 / ₹ 3000 / ₹ 5000 as a monthly installment for 11 months. Members can buy gold at 12th month. While buying gold, there won’t be a wastage for gold with wastage up to 12%.

For an example, if a member paying a monthly installment of ₹ 5000 then he will have ₹ 55,000 in his account after 11 months. Suppose if 1 gram gold is 2500 then is eligible to buy 22 grams of gold. But if he wants to buy 30 grams of gold and if the wastage is 12% for that gold then the member need to pay 12% wastage amount for 8 gram of gold.

While buying the gold VAT tax will be considered. Members need to pay the installment continuously for 11 months. If a member paid an installment of Rs 10,000 continuously for 7 months and delayed for another 4 months then the member is eligible to get gold with 12% wastage free for only Rs 70000. Wastage will be considered for the remaining amount.

Gold rate in Saravana stores

Sree kumaran thangamaligai Swarna Dharaa+ scheme details:

As per this scheme, the gold will be added into your account according to the installment amount on that respective date. For an example if the gold rate is Rs 2779 per gram and if you are paying Rs 5000 as installment then 1.799 gram of gold will be added into your account on that date.

Monthly InstalmentGold addedTotal weight of gold for 11 months
₹ 2000₹ 2000 / 2779 = 0.7197.909
₹ 5000₹ 5000 / 2779 = 1.79919.789
₹ 10,000₹ 10000 / 2779 = 3.59839.578
₹ 20,000₹ 20000 / 2779 = 7.19679.156

*Approximate gold rate is given in the above table. The gold rate will be vary based on the market rate.

There is no bonus or interest under this scheme. One can pay the money on any date for 11 months and gold will be credited for that amount based on the gold rate on that date.

Swarna Dharaa Nidhi scheme details of Sree kumaran thangamaligai:

This scheme starts with a minimum amount of ₹ 5000. Members can pay any amount above ₹ 5000 in the multiples of 1000 like 6000, 7000 or any amount. One can pay a different amount of money many times in the single month too. Gold will be credited to the account based on the gold rate on that specific day of payment. It has an 11 month maturity period and it will be closed only after 6 months. One can get gold coin or gold ornaments for the saved amount under this scheme.

Sree kumaran thangamaligai Chutti lathikaa scheme details:

This scheme is specially designed for children. Only children are eligible for this scheme. According to this scheme, members need to pay the amount for 1 gram gold for 11 months and it will be added as gold to their account. The gold rate varies for each day so members may be required to pay a different amount for the different month. For an example, if 1 gram gold is ₹ 3000 on January 5 then member need to pay ₹ 3000 on January 5. If the gold rate is ₹ 2997 on February 4 then member need to pay ₹ 2997 on February 4. Likewise, the member needs to pay for 11 months.

Gold rate in Saravana stores

After completion of 11 months, the amount for 1 gram gold on that respective date will be added as a bonus to the account. Suppose a member discontinued from the scheme in the midway then the bonus amount won’t be given and the member can buy gold for the saved amount.

The gold saving scheme data are last updated on 10th of February 2019. Please visit the official website for the proper and latest data.

Contact details of Sree Kumaran thangamaligai:

Address 1Shop No. 65-66, Usman Road,
T Nagar, Chennai, 600017
Phone No044 2431 0888,044 4286 8888
Address 2137, Tambaram Main Road,
Near Velachery Railway Station,
Velachery, Chennai, 600042
Phone No₹044 42868888, +91 9952974485
Address 3No 1, G.S.T Main Rd, Lakshman Nagar,
Chromepet, Chennai, 600044
Phone No044 – 22410888

There is no guarantee or warranty on the accuracy or completeness of the data provided here. Please visit the official website of Sree kumaran thangamaligai to get the proper data. For investment purpose always consult your registered adviser. Please don’t consider this data for investment purpose.