Pradosham dates 2021


Pradosham is the very auspicious day to worship Lord Shiva. In each month we have Theipirai Pradosham and Valarpirai Pradosham. Here we will see the Pradosham dates are Pradosham days for each month in 2021. The below chart will give you complete details.

Pradosham 2021 date and timing

10 January 2021SundayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
26 January 2021TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
09 February 2021TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
24 February 2021WednesdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
10 March 2021WednesdayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
26 March 2021FridayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
09 April 2021FridayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
24 April 2021SaturdayShani Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
09 May 2021SundayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
24 May 2021MondaySoma Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
07 June 2021MondaySoma Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
22 June 2021TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
07 July 2021WednesdayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
21 July 2021WednesdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
06 August 2021FridayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
20 August 2021FridayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
04 September 2021SaturdayShani Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
18 September 2021SaturdayShani Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
04 October 2021MondaySoma Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
18 October 2021MondayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
16 November 2021TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
02 December 2021ThursdayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
16 December 2021ThursdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham

Sashti 2021  Ashtami 2021  Navami 2021

Pradosham 2020 date and timing

08 January 2020WednesdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
22 January 2020WednesdayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
06 February 2020FridayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
21 February 2020ThursdayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
07 March 2020SaturdayShani Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
21 March 2020SaturdayShani Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
05 April 2020SundayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
20 April 2020MondaySoma Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
05 May 2020TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
20 May 2020TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
03 June 2020WednesdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
18 June 2020ThursdayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
02 July 2020ThursdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
18 July 2020SaturdayShani Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
01 August 2020SaturdayShani Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
16 August 2020SundayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
30 August 2020SundayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
15 September 2020TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
29 September 2020TuesdayBhauma Pradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
14 October 2020WednesdayAdhika Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
28 October 2020WednesdayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
12 November 2020FridayPradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
27 November 2020FridayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham
12 December 2020SaturdayShani Pradosh VratTheipirai Pradosham
27 December 2020SundayPradosh VratValarpirai Pradosham

Pradosham 2019

03 January 2019ThursdayPradosham5:49 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
18 January 2019FridayPradosham6:48 P.M. to 9:10 P.M.
02 February 2019SaturdayShani Pradosham6:10 P.M. to 8:46 P.M.
17 February 2019SundayPradosham6:20 P.M. to 8:52 P.M.
03 March 2019SundayPradosham6:27 P.M. to 8:55 P.M.
18 March 2019MondaySoma Pradosham6:33 P.M. to 8:57 P.M.
02 April 2019TuesdayBhauma Pradosham6:38 P.M. to 8:59 P.M.
17 April 2019WednesdayPradosham6:44 P.M. to 9:01 P.M.
02 May 2019ThursdayPradosham6:50 P.M. to 9:04 P.M.
16 May 2019ThursdayPradosham6:57 P.M. to 9:07 P.M.
31 May 2019FridayPradosham7:04 P.M. to 9:12 P.M.
14 June 2019FridayPradosham7:09 P.M. to 9:16 P.M.
30 June 2019SundaySoma Pradosham7:12 P.M. to 9:19 P.M.
14 July 2019SundaySoma Pradosham7:11 P.M. to 9:20 P.M.
29 July 2019MondayPradosham7:06 P.M. to 9:17 P.M.
12 August 2019MondayPradosham6:58 P.M. to 9:11 P.M.
28 August 2019WednesdayPradosham6:44 P.M. to 9:02 P.M.
11 September 2019WednesdayPradosham6:31 P.M. to 8:52 P.M.
26 September 2019ThursdayPradosham6:16 P.M. to 8:41 P.M.
11 October 2019FridayPradosham6:01 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
25 October 2019FridayPradosham19:08 to 8:22 P.M.
09 November 2019SaturdayShani Pradosham5:40 P.M. to 8:16 P.M.
24 November 2019SundayPradosham5:36 P.M. to 8:15 P.M.
09 December 2019MondaySoma Pradosham5:37 P.M. to 8:18 P.M.
23 December 2019MondaySoma Pradosham5:43 P.M. to 8:24 P.M.

On Pradosham day Hindu’s will do fasting and worship Lord Shiva. Pradosham pooja will be done on Shiva temple in the evening time. During that time special pooja will also be done for Lord Nandhi.

Types of Pradosham:

  • Daily Pradosham
  • Patcha Pradosham
  • Masa Pradosham
  • Nakshatra Pradosham
  • Poorana Pradosham
  • Thivya Pradosham
  • Deepa Pradosham
  • Abaya Pradosham or Saptha Rishi Pradosham
  • Maha Pradosham
  • Uthama Maha Pradosham
  • Yegatchara Pradosham
  • Arthanari Pradosham
  • Thirikarana Pradosham
  • Bramha Pradosham
  • Atchara Pradosham
  • Kandha Pradosham
  • Satja Prabha Pradosham
  • Ashtathik Pradosham
  • Navagragha Pradosham
  • Thutha Pradosham

Daily Pradosh:
Daily the time between 4.30 P.M to 6.30 P.M is called as Sandhya Kalam. This time is called as Daily Pradosham time. This is the best time to worship Lord Shiva on daily basis.

Patcha Pradosham:
The Pradosham which comes after Amavasya on Thiriyodhasi Thithi is called as Patcha Pradosham.

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Masa Pradosh
The Pradosham which comes after Pournami on Thiriyodhasi Thithi is called Masa Pradosham or Monthly pradosham. People will get benefits if they worship Baana lingam at this time.

Nakshatra Prathosam
Worshipping Lord Shiva with respect to nakshatra which falls on Thiriyodhasi Thithi is called Nakshatra Pradosham.

Poorana Pradosh
Thiriyodhasi Thithi without Sathurthi Thithi is called as Poorana Pradosham. It is good to worship Suyambu lingam on this day. People will get double benefits by worship Suyambu linga on this Pradosham time.

Dhivya Pradosham
On Pradosham day if Thiriyodhasi and Thuvathasi Thiti came together or Thiriyodhasi and Sathurthasi Thiti came together then it is called Dhivya Pradosham. On this day if one worships Marakadha linga then all his previous birth sin will get destroyed.

Deepa Pradosh Vrat
On Pradosham time, lightning an oil lamp on Shiva temple or donating oil lamp to poor people and worshipping Lord Shiva is called as Deepa Pradosham.

Pradosham dates

Abaya Pradosham
In the sky, the set of starts is called Sabtha Rishi mandala. These starts will be visible on Aipasi, Karthigai, Margazhi, Thai, Masai and Panguni Tamil months. On Pradosham day worshipping this Saptharisi mandala is called Abaya Pradosham.

Maha Prathosam
The Pradosham which comes on Saturday is called Maha Pradosham. It is also called as Sani Maha Pradosham. At the same time, the Pradosham which comes before Shivaratri on Masi month is also called Maha Pradosham. On this day worshipping Suyambu linga which was worshipped by Ema is good.

Uthama Pradosh vrat
The Pradosham which meets three categories i.e. Saturday, Valarpirai and Chithirai, Vaikasi, Aipasi and Karthigai months are called Uthama Pradosham. This is a very auspicious day as per Hindu religion.

Yegatchara Pradosham
If Maha Pradosham comes only once in a year then it is called Yegatchara Pradosham. It is good to chant ‘OM’ mantra on that day.

Arthanari Pradosh vrat
If Maha Pradosham comes twice a year then it is called Arthanari Pradosham. If we worship Lord Shiva on that day then obstacles in the marriage life will get removed and also for unmarried youngsters will get married soon.

Thirikarana Pradosham
If Maha Pradosham comes thrice a year then it is called Thirikarana Pradosham. If one properly do worship on this day then he or she will get blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi. It is good to do Ashtalakshmi pooja after Pradosha pooja on this day.

Brahma Pradosh vrat
If Maha Pradosham comes four times a year then it is called Brahma Pradosham. We will get good benefits and good fate by worshipping Lord Shiva on this day.

Atchara Pradosham
If Maha Pradosham comes five times a year then it is called Atchara Pradosh.

Pradosham dates

Kandha Pradosh Vrat
If Pradosham comes on Saturday, Thiriyodhasi Thiti and Karthigai Nakshatra then it is called Kandha Pradosham. It is good to worship Lord Muruga on this day.

Satja Prabha Pradosham
If Maha Pradosham comes seven times a year then it is called Satja Prabha Pradosh.

Ashtathik Pradosh Vrat
If Maha Pradosham comes eight times a year then it is called Ashtathik Pradosham. By doing Pradhosa pooja on this day, One can get good health and wealth by the blessings of Ashtathik balagargal.

Navagragha Pradosham
If Maha Pradosham comes nine times a year then it is called Navagragha Pradosham. One can easily get the blessings of Navagraha along with Lord Shiva by doing pooja on this day.

Thutha Pradosh Vrat
It is very rare that ten Maha Pradosham coming in a single year. If it comes then it is called Thutha Pradosh.

Prathosam date 2021 covers Pradosham in January 2021, Pradosham in February 2021, Pradosham in March 2021, Pradosh vrat date in April 2021, Pradosham in May 2021, Pradosh vrat date in June 2021, Pradosham in July 2021, Pradosh vrat date in August 2021, Pradosham in September 2021, Pradosh vrat date in October 2021, Pradosham in November 2021 and Pradosh vrat date in December 2021. It also covers Pradosham time  or Pradosh vrat date and time in Tamil.