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காதல் கவிதைகள்

காதல் கவிதைகள்

ஒரு மனிதனுக்கு காதல் வந்தால் அவன் காலத்தை கடக்கிறான். நொடிகலும் யுகமாக மாறுகிறது, யுகங்களும் நொடியாக மாறுகிறது. அன்பை கடந்த ஒரு அற்புதமான உணர்வு தான் காதல். அத்தகைய காதலை வெளிப்படுத்தும் அற்புதமான காதல் கவிதைகள் அழகிய தமிழ் மொழியில் இங்கு உள்ளன. காதல் கவிதைகள் பாடல் வரிகள், புகைப்படங்கள் அல்லது போட்டோ இப்படி அனைத்து வடிவிலும் காதல் கவிதை இங்கு உள்ளது. காதல் கவிதை இமேஜ், காதல் கவிதை படங்கள், காதல் கவிதை பாடல், காதல் கவிதை போட்டோ என அனைத்தும் ஒரே இடத்தில்.

Here we have Love poems in Tamil language. Love is called as Kadhal in Tamil. So here we have Kadhal Kavithaigal photos, Kadhal Kavithaigal Tamil lyrics, Tamil image in Tamil words. Kadhal kavithai image or Kadhal kavithai photo is the modern way to express love. Kadhal Kavithai SMS in Tamil or in Tanglish is going viral between youngsters. Kathal kavithai is really special for the lovers. Here we have a lot of Kadhal Kavithaigal in Tamil language.

Tamil Kadhal Kavithaigal sms

Kadhal Kavithaigal is a poem which expresses love in Tamil. Kadhal Kavithaigal can be in the different formats like Kadhal Kavithaigal Images, Kadhal Kavithaigal sms and in others. Now the technology got improved a lot so people are trying to express their love in SMS so they are sending a lot of Kadhal Kavithaigal sms via mobile and attracting their lovers.

Tamil Kadhal Kavithai Photos

Another format of expressing the love in Tamil is creating Kadhal Kavithai Images and sending it to lovers. In early days we used to send love greetings in Tamil. Now with the help of technology, we are creating love gratings ourself and sending. Kadhal kavithai Images are will be really cute to see and it is a good way of expressing love. In this site, we have huge collections of Kadhal Kavithai Images in Tamil.

Kadhal Kavithaigal Tamil lyrics

Kadhal Kavithaigal Tamil lyrics can be differentiated into two categories. One is writing our own Kadhal Kavithaigal Tamil lyrics and next is taking few of the Kadhal Kavithaigal Tamil lyrics from famous Tamil songs. Here we have both the version and the Kadhal Kavithaigal Tamil lyrics will definitely touch the heart of your loved one.

Kadhal Kavithai in Thanglish

Kadhal kavithai in Thanglish is writing the Kadhal kavithai in the English language with Tamil meaning. So people are calling it as Kadhal kavithai in Thanglish. Here we have a lot of Kadhal kavithai in Thanglish and every kavithai is unique and also we have Kadhal kavithai in Thanglish Images. So can use either or both Kadhal kavithai in Thanglish images and lyrics here.

Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil words

Here most of the Kadhal Kavithai are in Tamil words. Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil words will be really good to read and hear since it is in own language. Most of the people like to write Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil words only. Just because most of the people like to read Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil words. Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil words will generally express the complete love and it creates some magic in the heart. We can also say Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil words as Kadhal Kavithai in Tamil font.

A love poem in Tamil

A love poem in Tamil is nothing but the Kadhal kavithai in Tamil. Love is a beautiful feel and to express it there are many ways. One such is writing a love poem. In Tamil, it can be called as a love poem in Tamil.

Love Kavithai in Tamil

Love Kavithai is ultimately a Kathal kavithai. If one fall in love then he will definitely try to write a love kavithai. Love gives a good feel so while writing love kavithai people will think about their lovers.

There are already many love kavithai exist in internet but people used to write new love kavithai for their loved one just because they ant their love kavithai to be fresh and it should be special for their lover.

Love kavithai helps the person who fell in love to express his or her love. If someone did not propose yet then by using love kavithai they can propose because love kavithai will always create some magic in the heart.

If one start writing love kavithai then he will forget everything thing and his concentration will be on his loved one then only he can write a perfect love kavithai.

Love kavithai won’t be always happy. Sometimes it will also be sad. suppose if there is a fight between lovers then at that at they will write sad love kavithai.

If one starts hearing Tamil Kadhal kavithai songs then he will go to the love mood. Tamil love kavithai songs have such power to change the mind of a person. There are many Kadhal Kavithai Tamil video songs they will also create the same changes in our mind.

If one like to download Tamil kavithai images or Tamil love kavithai image then he can straightly come to this website. Here we have a bunch of Tamil kavithai with images. Love kavithai images usually have some love background with love quotes in Tamil. Love quotes which we mean here is nothing but Tamil Kathal kavithai. So those images which have Tamil kavithai with love background is also called as Tamil kavithai love images.

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